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heartredasmine - Name: Jessi B. Age: 21 Fashion you like: Vintage Clothing Fashion you hate: Ratched sh*t Adventure you want to go on: a road trip in the states A random fact: been to Japan way too many times lol Designer you like or a designer you think I should check out: Anyone that interests me Worst item of clothing you own: fur coat Favorite item of clothing you own: 1940's - 1970's dresses Question(s) you want me to answer in my response: Which fashion designer you really want to meet?

I love Vintage Fashion, it’s great. You can never get enough of it. I wish I could have more vintage dresses, but I can never find any. A designer I would have really loved to meet is Alexander McQueen, but he’s dead so I guess that’s never going to happen. Other then that I’d like to meet Elie Saab or Zuhair Murad. 

And to anyone reading this, follow great blog.

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